Dick Seifert
"I met Kelly, and she's a very dynamic woman -- very intelligent, outgoing -- and I think she has a very good business sense."

D Lovejoy
"What a great tool for any manager-in-training or for reminding the rest of us of the basics. Smart, informative and entertaining. This book is fun and easy to read; makes me feel like I am sharing a burger with Scott and Kelly! Share this with your associates!"

Bill Ihle
"The two of you are tops at this. Anyone looking at, or who is already in the burger business would be foolish not to have the two of you on the team. It's a no brainer because you are so good at what you do."

"This book covers it all! From the front door (where the customers start their journey) to the back door (where you receive your supplies). Scott and Kelly have it all together and IT WORKS!"

Dave Poling
"After reading Flip-n-Burgers myself I could hardly wait to purchase one for each of the manager's in my 3 restaurants. There are so many things that those of us who have been in the business for many years take for granted. The summary from the operator and HR viewpoints was invaluable in creating discussion amongst my team, made up of mostly young managers. If you find yourself leading a team of normal people, meaning they don't always listen to your experiences, then this is the book for you. I recommend purchasing one for each of your team and then scheduling small group discussions to review the key points where you need help. There is enough material to give you several months of assistance in developing your team to be stronger and more committed to those basics you and I take for granted."

Patti B
"This book, while focused on the food service industry, is a useful tool (and should be required reading) for managers in any field. It is easy to read and well written. Flip-n-Burgers is the perfect gift for any college graduate who hopes to manage people (or see what managers are looking for in them as an employee!)."

Sandee Pritchard
"The His and Her perspectives in this little gem of a book keeps your interest and highlights key points from a lifetime of experience from Scott and Kelly. HR and OPs partnerships are critical to the success of a business and this book is a refreshing approach that many managers and HR professionals could take tips from. As a former (and proud) Burger Flipper myself, I found the advice they offer is practical and sound AND I know from experience that it works. This is a MUST READ for any employee that aspires to focus their career towards the management ranks, current managers and District Supervisors. I have been a customer in the restaurants that the Andersons' operate and can tell you that you experience authentically friendly service, great quality food in a clean, welcoming environment. This condensed guidebook to successful restaurant management is the "One Minute Manager" of 2010."